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Simon and Sarah Sanders - Trumpet and Flute

Sarah: I joined ESO playing Flute and Piccolo in 1988 when we moved to Essex from Suffolk. I started playing recorder at Junior School. I was extremely lucky to have June Emerson as my teacher and one day she called a small group of us together and gave one person a clarinet, one person an oboe, one person a bassoon and she gave me a flute. All four of us went on to play in the Norfolk & Norwich Youth Orchestra and three of us studied music in higher education. My favourite composer is Mozart and my favourite piece is the Mozart Flute Concerto. I have played with other members of the ESO in the Danzi quintet. I also enjoy playing in theatre orchestras for operas and shows.

Simon: Like Sarah I started playing with ESO soon after coming to Essex, initially as a guest player whenever needed and then as a permanent member as second trumpet. I started learning the piano at the age of eight but it wasn’t until I went to secondary school at the age of eleven that I had the opportunity to learn an orchestral instrument. I was given the choice of either the clarinet or the trumpet. I chose the trumpet because I liked the brassy sound. I don’t have a favourite composer or a favourite piece of music, but enjoy most styles of music, particularly if they have a good trumpet part. I play cornet with the Essex Police Brass Band and occasionally with other brass bands. I also enjoy playing for theatre orchestras. Sarah and I met through music and it has been a major part of our lives together for the past 41 years.