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Spotlight on Ruth Teverson – Bass

I started playing the bass when I was 13 as it was the only way my parents would let me stop having piano lessons.  There was a bass sitting in my school music room and no one to play it.  It was the best move for me as I started having fun with music, the bass being an instrument used in many genres and usually with other people.  I played in the school orchestra and other smaller groups including the wind band as there was no bassoon.  Occupational Therapy College meant no space for a bass but I started playing and singing in an all girls folk type band in my early 20s.  I took up orchestral playing again in my late 20s for the Norfolk Symphony Orchestra who were desperate for bass players and when I moved to Witham joined the Essex Symphony Orchestra around Autumn 1983.  Since then I have played with a wide variety of local orchestras and choral societies and other groups needing a bass player.

I have to confess that I don’t have  a favourite piece of music .  However, along with many other bass players, Brahms is a favoured composer, but I enjoy having a go at most things.

Like many people who grew up in the 60s, I taught myself guitar as a teenager, and then in the 90s took up the melodian to play for my daughter’s school clog morris side.  Although I am not playing at the moment, I do dance with the Maldon clog side, Alive and Kicking, and have risen to the dizzying heights of Squire.

Currently I am also bass player and backing singer in the Great Waltham Seekers, a tribute band to the 60s group, which raises money for various local charities.

Bass playing has added so much to my life and, as you can see from the photo, I was having withdrawal symptoms whilst away from home and decided to play a guitar like a bass!