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Fiona Palmer - Oboe and Cor Anglais

I started playing recorder at primary school at five years of age.  I had always wanted to play the oboe but was told I was too young, and needed to have longer fingers and definitely more developed lungs!  I took up swimming to help with the lungs bit and finally had my first oboe lesson when I was nine years old.

At age 11, I was lucky enough to be awarded a junior place at the Royal College of Music and spent the next five years on Saturday mornings getting a broader musical education learning theory, history of music, having oboe and piano lessons and playing in ensembles and orchestras. I also liked science and so went on to study food science and analytical chemistry, choosing to keep music as an enjoyable hobby.

I have been playing oboe with ESO for around 30 years. I have no one favourite piece and enjoy listening to and playing a wide range of both classical and popular music.

[Fiona is also our current Vice-Chair.  Ed]