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Brian Chan, Violin.

I have been in ESO for ten months. It amazes me how fast time has gone by and already during my first season with ESO I am finding my niche. The primary school that I attended had quite a vast music department. Many pupils were encouraged to take up an instrument. Since my sister had begun learning the violin I was tempted to have a go. Considering I was of a petite build it appeared sensible to choose one from the family of string instruments. There was a lunchtime ensemble run my violin teacher and her colleagues and I had a glimpse into playing in a group at a young age. If I were to select a piece to bring on holiday I would point towards Concierto de Aranjuez by Joaquín Rodrigo. From the majestic opening melody to the daintier yet equally colourful themes I feel that it showcases the sultry combination of guitar and orchestra. I have a varied taste in music and in general will try my hand at anything that is placed on my stand. I picked up the classical guitar a few years after the violin but it was not long until I sensed an immense fondness develop. This might explain why I am less inhibited when performing with my guitar on stage! I joined the Chelmsford Guitar Orchestra which rehearses every two weeks. I enjoy their company a lot and am overjoyed to support my guitar teacher, the think-tank behind this musical collective.