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Site last updated on 15 May 2020

Musicians!  Players!

Looking for an orchestra?  

ESO is a very mixed group of people and generally representative of the community as a whole.  Consequently, some of us travel around the country a lot, some work far more hours than is reasonable, others now have young children etc. etc. Additionally, amongst our retired members some are now also retiring from playing.  So simply put: we are looking for more players to join us.  All the string sections have vacancies, but particularly the Violins and Cellos.  

So what is it like to play in the Essex Symphony Orchestra?  Well, we work hard, chat a lot, work some more, chat a bit more… Our conductor is very knowledgeable, very competent, easy to work with and easy to follow.  Safe to say we like him.  Under his guidance the quality of our concerts is noticeably and steadily increasing.  It is all very rewarding.

To get a sense of life in the orchestra you may like to look around the website.  We have tried to show what kind of a group we are as well as just advertise our concerts.

Finally, if you decide (or have already decided!) that the Essex Symphony Orchestra sounds right for you then call or email Hilary Cheek (for Strings) or Stuart Pinborough (for Wind and Brass).  Telephone details are on the Contacts page.  We would be happy for you to come along for a try out session, or come and meet us at our next concert.

A discount on the membership fee is available for people in full-time education and people in apprenticeship.

Give us a call or an email - do it now!