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Site last updated on 15 May 2020

The Essex Symphony Orchestra in the Essex Community

All ESO concerts support a local Charity

Every ESO concert is presented in support of a local charity. The charity is chosen annually from a list suggested by the players.  You will find the name of the charity displayed on all ESO posters and programmes and on this website.  Our chosen charity for the 2019-20 season is Kids Inspire.  Kids Inspire helps disadvantaged young people turn their lives around and gives them back their future.

They support young people across Essex who are at an educational, social and/or economic disadvantage resulting from trauma or emerging mental health issues. For example they may have experienced sexual or domestic abuse, separation anxiety or significant loss.

The Children’s / Young Persons’ Concert

Our first Children's Concert was in 2002. It took the form of performing music such as Peter and the Wolf and the Toy Symphony to children from local primary schools.  

Other concerts followed, and took on a new format in 2012 when we worked with a group of schools including Little Waltham and Newlands Spring.  Concerts became more interactive, with a facilitator or our conductor explaining the story behind the music and what the orchestra is doing.  Some children got to volunteer to use our props and act out various roles.  In 2012 we also had children from the Gifted & Talented registers to play in the orchestra.

In 2019, the format changed again and in this year we held our first Young People’s Orchestral Workshop. We invited young instrumentalists  from all the primary and secondary schools in Chelmsford and the surrounding area to come and join us at St John Payne School, playing  alongside our members to rehearse and perform some fantastic music.

We have found that to help schools participate we need to obtain sponsorship specifically for the concert.  In 2007, Making Music generously provided funding and we were especially fortunate that the finance group M&G  contributed substantial funding to the orchestra’s children’s concerts from the very beginning until 2019 as part of their community sponsorship programme.

Full details of our 2019 workshop can be seen on the next page.